Question mark keyboard shortcut now correctly opens 'Keyboard shortcuts' dialog. (. (, Several typos fixed, one even causing a crash when adding a printer profile when using Brazilian Portuguese localization. This unfortunate bug was introduced in alpha4. So is it easier to use, better, more workable, faster, more accurate that cura…let’s find out shall we…. The stand-alone G-Code Viewer newly understands G-code annotations produced by KISSlicer to indentify types of extrusions. Fixed crash in monotonous infill happening in very specific geometry situations. And tiny things, too! You signed in with another tab or window. Fixed unexpected switch to non-perspective camera in certain scenarios (, Place on face sometimes positioned the object slightly inclined instead of perfectly flat (, OSX specific: Mouse position was not correctly calculated with Retina display when the mouse wheel was being rotated, Windows: Previous alpha did not start on Windows 7 (, G-Codes for printers not supporting remaining times contained internal G-Code annotations as comments by mistake. This is available in File menu or by F5 keyboard shortcut. The file associations are also configurable at the Preferences dialog. (. It's my favorite FDM slicer so believe me when I say I would love to use it! Linux / AppImage specific: Fixed crash on startup on some systems due to boost::filesystem::canonical() issues. Fixed refresh of in 3D scene notifications. The seam placement is also faster. Gyroid infill was dropping short infill segments. Want to get the best results from your 3D printer? 'Export finished' notification is newly closed when the SD card or USB thumb drive is ejected. (, Updated dictionaries CZ, DE, ES, FR, IT, NL, PL, Some localized UI text were mangled due to encoding mistakes. (, Presets inherited from renamed presets using the old preset name in the "inherits" field were losing the "inherits" flag when importing a config bundle. The Adaptive Cubic and Support Cubic infills newly anchor the internal dense infill lines to the outer sparse infill lines, which is quite critical for printing PETG and similar materials. The old behavior was surprising, especially if a vertical scroll bar was active for the side bar on a small screen, where the user would expect to scroll the whole side bar. This led to problems when loading config bundles containing such presets, as these spaces are ignored by the .ini file parser. HTTP digest authentication was disabled for libcurl builds by mistake. Thumbnails were generated by PrusaSlicer 2.2.0 already, but the option was not available in GUI. Anchoring of the dense internal infill lines respects the "infill_anchor" settings, however the length of the internal anchors is capped to 5x infill line width. This is also Open Source software, therefore absolutely free of cost. (, Fixed a possible crash when generating rectilinear infill. Renamed "FDM Support Editing" to "Paint-on supports" and "Seam Editing" to "Seam painting", new icon for the paint-on supports gizmo. This will make sure that the inside of the model is solid. Starting with this release, the profiles loaded from 3MF, AMF or G-code referencing and modifying an existing local profile are no more loaded as "external", but the referenced profile is activated and modified with the loaded preset. This is now fixed. (, The Cut tool now shows the cutting plane height in inches when the rest of the UI uses them. The cog button at the Printer Settings page can newly be used for both adding and editing a Physical Printer preset, while the cog button was disabled in the 1st alpha when a logical Printer preset was selected. (. A new Shift-G hotkey opens a dialog to jump to a layer in the G-code Preview. Refreshing G-code Preview after changing visualization options should now be faster. OctoPrint basic auth by HAProxy has been documented in the tooltip of the "print_host" field at the Physical Printer configuration dialog. Was just curious if anyone recommends a program that either has proper support, or if there's settings I can adjust to fit the specs of the Mono X for now while waiting for support. Fields in the new 'Unsaved changes' dialog are now non-editable. The new Arrange dialog indicates. (, New configuration option 'Full fan speed at layer' was added to filament settings. TriLAB profiles update (new filament profiles, 0.8mm nozzle print profile), The Arrange function is newly customizable. In that case the first modified filament profile will be loaded as modified, while the other modified profiles will be loaded as "external". Any painted supports and seams are removed when a mesh is fixed with Netfabb. I haven't used the Mono series, but UVtools does converting, island finding/removal etc (like the often talked about photon file validator, but with a wider selection of accepted formats). It's open-source and … The latter information has now been added into the error message appearing after the user attempts to add multiple objects to Plater in non-sequential mode. Editing SLA physical printer incorrectly showed FDM printer profile as a base. The 3DConnexion driver does not install a configuration file for the new prusa-gcodeviewer.exe, you have to copy the prusa-slicer.xml to prusa-gcodeviewer.xml and edit it to get the 3D mouse working in the G-code viewer. Changes related to … (, Arrange accounts for 'Extruder clearance' again when sequential printing is enabled. Fixed a hard crash in a specific case when using copy-paste on objects with modifiers (, When switching Printer profiles in configuration tabs, currently active page was sometimes reset to General (. (, Not all PrusaSlicer config options were exported as environment variables for post-processing scripts. Lychee Slicer seems to be best DLP slicer out there right now hands down. Layout of the "Machine limits" parameter page was improved. Avoid crossing perimeters is also applied for supports. (. (, Right-click context menu in the scene no more shows for the wipe tower. These figures are small and richly detailed, so many users prefer to get an SLA 3D printer. PrusaSlicer no more allows to convert one geometry "from inches" twice in a row, and the 'Reload from disk' action reproduces conversion from inches to millimeters. (. Press J to jump to the feed. 'Extrusion multiplier' value was clamped and the user is alerted when it is out of range. The strength of your print will vary depending on what kind of internal infill you choose. (, Linux specific: Use monospace font when reporting errors in custom G-Codes, thanks, Windows specific: Iterating over presets at the preset combo box using the up / down cursor keys stopped working after Windows 2004 update. The spacing is newly handled independently for SLA, FDM and FDM-sequential modes. (, In case there was a profile that mistakenly claimed to 'inherit' from itself, PrusaSlicer would get stuck in an infinite loop. Shift+Tab erroneously showed/hid the sidebar in the standalone G-Code Viewer (, Parsing of the G-Code annotations was made more specific so that comments provided by the user through custom G-Codes will not be interpreted as PrusaSlicer's own annotations (, Linux: Standalone G-Code Viewer did not work correctly when started from PrusaSlicer or with a, Linux: Fix crashes on Linux when incompatible, Improved bed model for Ender-2, Ender-3 printers, thanks to, Multiple Creality printers profiles were added (CR-10/20 family, Ender-5 and Ender-5 Plus, again thanks to, Several Creality filament profiles added (, 0.15mm Print profile for TRILAB printers added. A one-way operation process UX from importing print to slicing it. Painted areas in FDM supports/seam editing were not visible when viewed exactly from the direction of the normal. They were editable in the previous alpha by mistake. Windows-specific: ConfigWizard mangled Unicode characters in printer names (, macOS-specific: When multiple PrusaSlicer instances were running, it could crash when ejecting an SD card from some of the instances (, Linux-specific: The toolbar that switches between 3D scene and Preview did not scale correctly on scaled displays with GTK3 (, Linux-specific: Fixed spurious G-Code Viewer crashes on startup when opened through File menu in PrusaSlicer or with a gcode filename provided through command-line (, Linux-specific: When started with a config directory generated by older versions, the application would crash in case that config contained print host credentials (, Linux-specific: desktop file for Linux desktop integration now assigns correct icon to G-Code Viewer instead of using one for PrusaSlicer (.