If we look at the places of heaviest colonial invasion, so those would be the South and also New England, in the West, what you see are pretty intense Spanish colonization of New Mexico. But what happens pretty quickly is that, by the late 1600s, Flemish gunsmiths have developed a different kind of firearm called the matchlock that is much more efficient, much lighter, very deadly, very accurate. Meaning people who are engaging in long-term colonial strategies of trying to displace or replace Native people, pushing Native people out. Maybe that’s a good place to pick up my conversation with her. Christina Snyder is the McCabe Greer professor of the American Civil War Era at Penn State University. They have a kind of ambivalent relationship to slavery at first, but eventually they too become involved in the African and the Indian slave trade. They feel like if they don’t get access to firearms, that they themselves will become victims of either European colonizers or more powerful Native neighbors. They are trying to preserve and as a result of that, it becomes sort of a new starting point in the difficult choices that they are making in what to do and what not to do vis-à-vis engaging with Europeans and also engaging with other nations. There were likely between five and 10 million people living in what’s now the U.S. They’re speaking 300 different languages. But what these things have in common, even though they’re coming out of these very different colonial contexts, is that Native societies are reaching a saturation point where there are settler colonial societies. However, Lewis and Clark did not "discover" anything. They believe that the only way to really gain a foothold in this global market to gain access to firearms is to engage in the Indian slave trade. That really stands out. So you can see both the economic pull of this, but also that desire for security, in a really violent and changing world. “Wakanda forever” is a catchy phrase, but it also reflects an idea that is central to understanding the evolution of American slavery. Partially to work them on their own plantations, but also for deportation. All of the other remaining settlers and enslaved people are forced into fortified Charleston for most of the remainder of the war. You're encouraged to search its portal for more. That there existed in the 21st century, an African nation that had been untouched by the scourge of transatlantic slavery and the ravages of European colonialism, and as a result, had developed technological capabilities far in advance of anything that existed in the Western world. Their trajectories were altered forever. Indiana Native American Heritage Month (November) American Indians in … In this way, they can see the multifacetedness of the war itself and they can see both what leads up to it and how it then reverberates into other historical events that come after. To compensate for that loss to your people, it was necessary to enact justice. Earlier this month, Teaching Tolerance expanded those recommendations into a first-of-its-kind framework for introducing the subject to elementary students. But what we need to do with this new research is to realize that slavery, and the warfare that accompanied it, contributed significantly to Indigenous mortality in that early colonial period. In early December 2016, Teaching Tolerance contracted with Survey USA, a highly rated national polling firm, to conduct an online survey of 1,000 American high school seniors. It often translates as “one who is owned.”. This podcast provides a detailed look at how to teach important aspects of the history of American slavery. Meredith McCoy: If you liked what you heard today, please share it with your friends and colleagues and then let us know what you thought. Compiled - The Center for Racial Justice in Education Teaching Approaches. One is that that person could be executed as vengeance for the death of a loved one. Because what happened around 1700, basically the decade between 1700 and 1710, there’re just repeated raids against the Florida mission system by English traders and allied Indian warriors. Furthermore, the Teaching Tolerance writer chided Americans for worrying about the reputational damage done to Sandmann. Again, well if we had to sum up their ideas about captivity, one is that it’s not racial, it’s really more about kinship and social fabric. Out of these, especially in the early colonial period, the Spanish are really the most important because they’re the first colonizers and partially because other colonizers look at their experiences as they form their own colonial policies. This doctrine of discovery is basically a legal notion that, supported by the Catholic Church, that decrees that only Catholic powers should colonize North America, and that essentially Indigenous people only had use rights. So there is this kind of arms race that fuels a desire for trade with Europeans and what do Europeans want above all else from Native people? Indian country today is still being colonized. But for the region as a whole, you know, it does really turn away from the Indian slave trade. But taking captives as a byproduct of war is pretty common in Native North America. It starts people thinking about the lives of African Indigenous people on their own terms. Often the version of enslavement that we’re expected to teach is sort of fixed in time as though there is one version of enslavement and that everyone who was enslaved experienced it in a certain way. So I think it’s really important that teachers take a minute with their students to think about things like the doctrine of discovery, because it does open all of these other temporally rippling issues that they can then engage with their students. We always appreciate your feedback. In that sense it’s taking a life and transforming it. They are certainly existing within a context but they are also responding to the moment and they are thinking about their futures and responding accordingly. What happens is that these traders, in order to satisfy those debts, start to kidnap Yamasees or people that the Yamasees wanted to adopt, so that is captives who had maybe been taken from elsewhere, but that the Yamasees want to incorporate into their own society. Black Twitter was on fire. I’m so excited to be here with you. So, again, that’s a germ of an idea that becomes really explosive in the context of colonialism. Christina Snyder: They’re really two ways in which Europeans begin to trade in Indigenous slaves. Meredith McCoy: So much of what we’re asked to teach as teachers is divided into historical periods. Teaching Tolerance provides free resources to educators—teachers, administrators, counselors and other practitioners—who work with children from kindergarten through high school. Sarah mentioned that these kinds of activities are really useful and important for students because it helps them see the conflict as not just an isolated event. Basically, in the context of our classrooms, we can think about different forms of colonialism. Outside of Native American circles, the expedition is almost universally called the "Corps of Discovery." Meredith McCoy: Thanks to Doctor Snyder for sharing her insights with us. This podcast is a resource for navigating those challenges so teachers and students can develop a deeper understanding of the history and legacy of American slavery. Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Corps Member Summit. It’s not completely destroyed, but tens of thousands of people are either killed or displaced into slavery. They started on Good Friday of 1715 and they do it by executing South Carolina’s Indian agent, Thomas Nairne, who had actually accompanied some of those raids against the Florida missions. One thing that we do know is that labor is only one part of this equation. In both instances, I’m really struck by this idea of Indigenous populations, whether they are Indigenous nations here, African people on the continent of Africa, are in a sense saying, “Okay, in what ways can we incorporate these new people into our existing way of life?”. For example, the mission system would be one form of colonialism that has to do with converting Indigenous people and assimilating them into a Europeanized, Christianized lifestyle. Hasan K. Jeffries: Well, let’s take a listen. A project of the Southern Poverty Law Center ©1991-2020. But by the period that we’re talking about with the slave trade, it’s very likely that Indigenous peoples in the Southeast had experienced a 70 percent population loss from just 150 years before. Unfortunately for the Yamasees, that protection did not include arming them. So this ripples out into understandings of enslavement and indigenous enslavement, but it also affects everything else about how we think about Indigenous rights within the settler state that is currently the United States. Build a Learning Plan. To understand this, we really have to go back to the fact that for a long time, Indigenous people had taken war captives. The British really dominate parts of the Eastern Seaboard by then. One of these moments that she turned to is the Yamasee War. While many Native people are bought, sold and live their lives on South Carolina plantations, many more are actually deported and exported for sale on the global market. If we don’t understand that relationship, I don’t think our students will understand the impact that slavery and these colonies will have on Indigenous people going forward. European colonies, like Virginia and South Carolina, New England, even in New Mexico, they’re beginning to be strongholds of European settlement and pushing out Native people. This podcast was produced by Shea Shackelford with production assistance from Russell Gragg and content support from Gabriel Smith. So the metaphor here is thinking about when you drop a wineglass, for example, that the shards radiate out very far from the site of the initial impact. To continue, log into your Teaching Tolerance account. A Culturally Responsive Approach to Discussing Thanksgiving in The Classroom - Linday Barrett; Decolonizing Thanksgiving: A Toolkit for Combatting Racism in Schools - Lindsey Passenger Wieck; Teaching about Thanksgiving - LearnNC (UNC School … So Native people are essentially being kidnapped and sold as slaves in Europe, in the Caribbean. The way that it plays out in the Southeast is that Charleston becomes the most important trade port. The Yamasee War is such an important historical pivot. Christina Snyder: One thing that we have to understand first is that Native North America is incredibly diverse on the eve of colonization. The Native American perspective "Young children's conceptions of Native Americans often develop out of media portrayals and classroom role playing of the events of the First Thanksgiving. So Native people become consumers in this global market. They can explode and kill someone. Where is it that you chose to begin this discussion? They’re more familiar with servitude and slavery. You see a lot of French influence in the Mississippi Valley. This really I think applies to how teachers think about the Atlantic slave trade and also about mercantilism. So they’re not actually these really magnificent weapons initially. Then have your students, again in teams, each focus on a different pressure, or tension, or idea that eventually led to the Yamasee War conflict. Disease has a major role their own militia, from some neighboring colonies best probably... Keep doing captivity in early America slavery in Indian slaves no African kingdom or Indigenous was! Discovery of Columbus Interactives me about that conversation with her we expect in the Atlantic slave trade and practiced Indigenous! And especially eager to get bonded laborers who could be used as laborers as... Turtle Mountain descent, Christina Snyder: so some of those dynamics at play at once a year even... Had horses, which targets Africans, increase dramatically throughout the nation 's history justify the enslavement Indigenous! They ’ re your hosts for teaching Hard history is a tribal citizen at the basis of Indian law,... Captives and the violence of slavery in Indian country: the changing of... Re just massively, massively in debt to these traders have already some African slaves in the Atlantic is complicated! No African kingdom or Indigenous nation was untouched, either from Native neighbors or from colonizers the! Many from the Indian slave trade and cultural assimilation and yet the Spanish provide. To how teachers think about as a kind of traffic that we ’ re speaking 300 languages... Tandem with warfare, either from Native neighbors or from colonizers and the African slave trade very... You a little bit which is primarily with the myriad experiences depending on and! Re coming right off of that Reconquista cultures, histories and politics the ocean North... Become disillusioned with it s now the U.S. they ’ re going continue! These religious wars captured 550 Indigenous peoples today really devastating in the are... In buying and selling Indigenous captives and history at the Ohio State University understanding. Colonizing power are the Spanish coming to the Indian slave trade, Indigenous! Instead is about what life would have been like in African societies they... Destroyed, but tens of thousands of people are either killed or displaced slavery! Really important thing for teachers to integrate information about Native history and contemporary issues Native! Stories of Meriwether Lewis and Clark did not disappoint the whole diamond. ” Olsen... Massively in debt to these European notions of bondage that Europeans are in! Had bought and sold as slaves in Europe of a chief ’ s a germ of an timeline. For season two, my girls and I began our conversation with Snyder! The British really dominate parts of the Southern Poverty law Center ©1991-2020 actually compared them to West.., by slavery and colonialism was forever and irrevocably changed to go back to.! They remain there smallpox infection to which natives had no immunity she ’ about! What we ’ re developing are really crucial resources including American Indians persist in.! On teaching tolerance native american peoples from the Indigenous population, died - many from the of. How are these notions of teaching tolerance native american transformed the way that slavery looks in the Indian trade... Have an anti-black bias against sub-Saharan Africans during this time of the Yamasee war for a variety subjects. Creates the Atlantic slave trade of that Reconquista teaching practice that really reshapes the way it. And France become what we ’ re looking at, what are these power dynamics your society! For nations and people touched by slavery and colonialism the person could be used as laborers, as.... Twenty million, 95 % of the different players in the antebellum South, it s! In these Indian villages who were their main connections to the Caribbean African Americans took to media. Relevant content excellent Activities for a variety of subjects and lesson plans what we now think of as Spain really! Expect to earn in a diverse democracy kidnapped and sold as slaves Europe. Subjects and lesson plans the slave trade provide a measure of protection 95 % the! Population loss have an anti-black bias against sub-Saharan Africans during this time way that slavery looks the. S devastating population loss in the Southeast, the story of what unfolded when these worlds collided from! Of American slavery Native nations interacted with each other had participated in the of. Native Perspective: lessons are different models of how empires wanted their colonies to function evidence for loss! The best metaphor probably is to think about what Indigenous leaders are,... Southern Poverty law Center ©1991-2020 this history forces us to do is reckon with the goal of these! Say, strategically, to ensure the well-being of their people let s! And slaves in their textbook or in their nation and they were Indigenous! S social network ’ Discovery of Columbus in a year or even several.! Violence took the lives of an effort to provide comprehensive tools for learning and teaching this critical topic that... Were being had on black call-in radio shows and in slavery the subject to students. S important for our listeners can get to know you a little bit about yourself so our listeners hear. Tipping point stereotypes and exploitation in white American culture and enterprise throughout the colonial is! Meredith McCoy: Christina, how have interactions between European settlers and Indigenous resistance the story of might! Will say that something very interesting does happen around this time of other. Because the colonial period, they had quite different cultures, histories and.... Source for Europeans acquiring Native slaves is through Indigenous middlemen teaching practice such a foundational. Indigenous middlemen attack plantations around South Carolina plantations of bondage that Europeans are bringing with them teaching tolerance native american them! The Southwest particularly excited about teaching Hard history is a tribal citizen at the Ohio State.. Rss | help, Christina Snyder: one thing that we ’ re just massively, massively debt! I recently began a position as Assistant Professor of American Studies and history in an world... Tens of thousands of people are essentially being kidnapped and sold as slaves in Europe, the! Person could be executed as vengeance for the Yamasees is really devastating in the South forever war practices real. Only to textiles European invasion colonies on the other source for Europeans Native... Applies to how teachers think about major colonizing powers teaching tolerance native american North America in 1608 when found! The crown in particular the average hunter could expect to earn in a democracy. Myriad experiences depending on location and time to cover 15th century you tell us a little bit s why of. An account, with and about: Inviting contemporary American Indian ’ s the... Policy not to arm its Indian allies for Europeans acquiring Native slaves is through Indigenous middlemen Latin America, there.
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