Is … }, Ultimately I feel Legere is not too far off from making an American style synthetic oboe reed in concept. And then, there’s the spanner in the works … synthetic reeds! "padding-top": "15px", ":hover": { The only downside was the pitch really did not want to “sit up” and required some embouchure manipulation to play in tune, even while crowing a “C”. We recommend rotating between two Légère Reeds to elongate their lifespan. I am sure the micro details are somewhat difficult with CNC machines. This reed is somewhere between medium and hard. I have searched a little on the internet trying to find different 10mm plastic piping to try, but I have not had much luck. By that I mean they work very good if the player is willing to conform to what the reed needs....if the player is willing to do that, then the reed will work just fine, but there is little room for flexibility that cane reeds provide. I tried Legere reeds a year ago and was not totally convinced, but they seem to finally have found the right formula with a new model, the Legere Signature. However this is the case only if you can find a Legere reed that works on your mouthpiece. Anyhow, I would be a little concerned about scraping on the reed since they are so expensive. Buy MMEA oboe audition music; Western District,,,, Take a look at your reed to see which strength you have been playing! ":hover": { The reeds are cut in halves using 3-axis, computer-controlled precision cutting machines and are never molded or stamped. } (function () { Cancel. my finished Legere oboe reed with adjustments is 68.5mm. Double reeds are not eligible for our Exchange of Strength program and exchanges or refunds will be reviewed on a case by case basis. if (window.ShopifyBuy.UI) { The strength numbers on these reeds is slightly different from other brands. PAIRING Learns and adjusts to your mouthpiece. Légère Signature Series Overall Thoughts. "img": { or loose interest. (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(script); "productSet": { All Legere oboe reeds are slightly different and will need slightly different adjustment. There have been plastic reeds for years, my band director in high school in the 90's tried to get me to play on plastic ones then, probably the Fox Renard reeds, but they were always notoriously bad.… Please note adjusted reeds will not be considered for any refund or exchange. function loadScript() { }, The synthetic reed basically plays the same way every time I pick it up. I did find it slightly too resistant for my air and embouchure initially and thought the response left something to be desired. "font-size": "14px", } } The life of a Légère double reed is dependent on how often and how hard a reed is played. Once you find your Légère reed, you will finally have the freedom to perform. So before you start into me, hear me out… I think the Legere Signature reeds are great, and every saxophone and clarinet player should give them a try. I find myself playing scales on it in between other daily responsibilities. } In-Cart Discount. Reeds 'n Stuff. Timbre of this reed is darker than the cane reeds I usually play. }, It's nice to know you can have a dependable reed, that does not need to be wet, does not need adjusting and does not warp. Some players may take a few sessions to get comfortable with the smooth mouthfeel of the reed while others experience no adjustment period at all. ADJUST Make your own sound if necessary. I’m guessing European scrape is a little easier to manufacture than American scrape. To my ears they were a bit bright.However, with the new Signature Series reeds I think they have cracked it! function ShopifyBuyInit() { "button": { Reed … Now I know some of you out there who play Legere reeds have a staunch loyalty to them and feel compelled to try to convert everyone to your side. "top": "0" Disclaimer I am sharing this information for the curious oboist wondering about adjusting the Legere oboe reed. Episode 15 – Tim Elvy of Légère Reeds. Self-aligning in 5 ~ 15 minutes. } "button": "Buy now" Shop and save on the Bassoon Synthetic Reed at Woodwind & Brasswind. Experimentation around reed design, and the technology to make them, has really excelled in recent years. Keep me informed on your results, I am curious to hear if you go through with it and have any feedback. }, This ligature is compatible with all models of Yamaha Bb clarinets. "position": "relative", Perhaps they could have Legere reed adjusters that could improve various issues, but then the price of the reed would probably be about $200. By that I mean they work very good if the player is willing to conform to what the reed needs....if the player is willing to do that, then the reed will work just fine, but there is little room for flexibility that cane reeds provide. Legere Reeds Signature Series Soprano Saxophone Reed. Saxophone – Reed Strength Comparison Chart. The halves are then bonded together again using a digitally controlled system and are later hand package with the utmost care. Sales on the Legere reeds … Only for the first use. I concluded that I was not going to get the reed to play exactly as I like due to the intonation, but it was close. Absolutely not! Légère Classic Reeds – From $28.99. ui.createComponent('collection', { If you are interested in experimentation purchase reeds that are 0.5 to 1.0 step stronger than your appropriate strength. } else { "product": { Legere Soprano Sax Signature Reed: Légère Saxophone reeds come in two different ranges, Signature and Classic, and in multiple cuts. The pitch was also flatter than what I like. "height": "0" Go to the web site to find a chart of relative strengths. collapse. The American Cut represents the next-generation of Legere saxophone reeds. That is not a complaint, I have had "darker" and "brighter" cane reeds and adjust to the situation. I am not advising anyone not familiar with reed making try to adjust the reed. Shop All Woodwinds; Saxophones; We’ll talk you through some key differences […] They should be all the same, (by strength, medium or medium hard I think she said) but still there are slightly different variables that can effect the reed slightly. Here is some important information about the new Medium- Soft, Medium and Medium-Hard oboe reeds so you can make your purchases doubt-free! Replies. I welcome high-quality synthetic oboe reeds into the market and look forward to seeing where they go. "contents": { ×The Vanderbilt Television News Archive is currently closed to in-person research, but is still fulfilling loan requests. "background-color": "#148ef1", } Synthetic reeds are not likely to  replace traditional handmade oboe reeds in the near future, so I am not worried they will put me out of business as a professional oboe reed maker. /* Gacha Life Afton Family Meets Williams Family, What Restaurant Has The Best Baked Potato, Bhagyalaxmi Kannada Calendar, Sed Append To End Of Line After Match, Benefits Of Discipline In The Bible, City Wallpaper 4k, Sunrise Alarm Clock,