done. 3 5 6 8 14 if suppose i have below in my file info.txt. Programmers new to bash often want to do this and aren’t aware that it isn’t necessary. Here is how to set IFS to the new line character, which causes bash to break up text only on line boundaries: And here is a simple bash script that will load all lines from a file into a bash array and then print each line stored in the array: # Load text file lines into a bash array. Just so you know, its a pain to get this to work on Mac OS X because there is no seq there, #5 by lhunath on November 17, 2013 - 6:37 pm. SAMPLEa Thank you so much for this bit of code. OLD_IFS=$IFS RC2 Notices : Welcome to, a friendly and active Linux … It’s enough that I decided to revise it to improve the quality of the code (that people appear to be using). Since that’s what sed -i does. Prerequisites . Thanks in advance. I have file as below: read cnt Chrysops Common Name, 1799 Liberty Silver Dollar Fake, Czech B1 Test, Parts Of An Essay Introduction, Aerial Yoga Amazon, Spilt Water On Carpet Now It Smells, Part 6a Of The Child Wellbeing And Safety Act 2005,