The Tom Rose School teaches Professional Dog Trainers through lectures, demonstrations and extensive supervised hands-on training. Each of our campus locations has areas for training dogs in detection, protection, police patrol, agility, search and rescue and more.Â, The programs offered at our dog training school have helped numerous graduates achieve success as professionals in the industry. School Locator. To set the global industry standard in training dogs and people; we’re passionate in our pursuit to protect police and military working dog teams, enhance the quality of living for individuals with disabilities , and enrich the lives of people and their pets. You’ll grow if you take advantage of everything put out for you.”, After the first week was done, I absolutely felt like I was where I was meant to be and doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Automotive Diagnostics 2. Learn more about our Service Dog Trainer Program. Visit the VA Benefits FAQ’s page, Contact us at 800.726.7412 or email Cosmetology School 6. You will gain expert knowledge on how dogs think and learn, a variety of different training techniques, theories and how and when to apply them with real world experience. Our School for Dog Trainers offers up-to-date Police K9 Trainer / Instructor as well as Protection and Detection Trainer courses. Classes are held at our Canine Education Center, in Harmony, North Carolina, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m until 5:00 p.m.  Activities such as, group classes, private lessons and pet events are often available on nights and weekends but are optional for students to attend. Our Harmony, NC dog trainer school location features one of the most comprehensive dog training facilities in the United States for hands-on training, in addition to a classroom location where students learn about the … How To Use Your GI Bill. North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges, International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP). Our Police K9 Instructor Courses are designed to give you all the skills that you need to train and certify Police K9 teams for detection, patrol, trailing and obedience. If you are eligible and wish to use your VA benefits, our staff will be happy to assist you with the paperwork. Hospitality 13. Our 12-week Police K9 Instructor Program is approved to accept GI Bill and other VA benefits. We have a variety of pet and working dogs available, including dogs from our Second Chance Program. This type of experience doesn’t come from an online dog training certification. This intense course takes you through every step of the process from testing and selection, training through delivery of service dogs.Learn More | Financing | Apply Now, This is the most comprehensive program in the industry today.  Our Police K9 Instructor Course covers all aspects of Police Dog Training. VA Approved Flight Schools. We have hosted many students from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia as well as North and South America and the Caribbean. EMT Certification 9. We offer courses of differing lengths to meet your needs so that you can gain as much knowledge as you need – the variety and quality of our courses have contributed to our reputation as one of the leading dog training schools in the United States. I feel I understand it much better now and as such, am more prepared to train dogs to find it more proficiently.”, “I think the exposure and opportunities you get at Highland Canine are amazing. At our Main Campus, you’ll find our 50+ acre Canine Education Center located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The School for Dog Trainers at Highland Canine Training, LLC fully supports our alumni in any way possible.  From  assisting with job placement to providing expert business coaching for their new start ups, we understand that their success is our success! We offer dog training career programs at our two locations – our Main Campus located in Harmony, NC, and our Southeast Campus situated in Hanceville, AL. Skip to content. Please visit the VA Benefits Home Page for instructions on how to get your eligibility information. You also can use the Montgomery GI Bill and the Post-911 GI Bill for an aircraft dispatcher rating (provided you enroll in an approved program). Our School for Dog Trainers offers a variety of extensive and exciting programs to get you started with your dog training career. As a GI Bill® approved school and proud participant in the Yellow Ribbon program*, our goal is to inspire you through education. GI Bill and Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits. If you are active duty, a veteran, reservist or a dependent of a … This intensive program will help you cultivate the appropriate skill set necessary to understand how to properly select, socialize and train Service Dogs for mobility and hearing assistance as well as … Our most inclusive program, this intensive course will give you the hands-on training and experience necessary to provide a range of dog training programs and services to your customers. We are pleased to announce our Personal Fitness Trainer Exam certification is recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs as an approved education program. GI Bill & VA Benefits Accepted. Becoming a certified dog trainer is a career goal of many of our graduates.  Fortunately, the professional dog training industry offers a variety of certification programs for dog trainers.  The process for these certifications vary, from online testing to hands-on, practical examinations.  Many dog trainer certifications, like those offered by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers  (CCPDT), Association of Animal Behavior Professionals (AABP) and the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) test the trainers knowledge and understanding of basic operant conditioning principles, dog training fundamentals and basic animal husbandry.  Due to the depth of our programs many of our graduates have gone on to obtain one or more of these certifications.  Our programs prepare our graduates to become successful dog trainers and the fact that many of them have gone on to obtain certifications from these organizations demonstrates the quality of our instruction. Bill Benefits – Flight Training Please note that currently the GI Bill is not supporting flight training. Students are allowed to bring up to two (2) dogs and integrate their personal dogs into their training program. We believe that professional dog trainers have experience working with all breeds of dogs.  As such, our students have an opportunity to work with various types of dogs during their attendance in one of our programs. Students who wish to use VA Benefits to pay for tuition will need to submit a Letter Of Eligibility, or proof of benefits, to the school’s Designated School Official for VA Benefits. Learn to start and run your own business as well. For students traveling from outside the US, we are happy to assist with any necessary Visa and travel documentation that may be required. AK9I is approved by Virginia State Approving Agency (SAA) to provide education and training under all chapters of the Post 9/11 GI Bi Our programs will teach you a variety of methods for training dogs in a number of areas. Facility Code: 28022019. GI Bill Approved Dog Trainer Program in Los Angeles. Pets, Police K9, Protection Dogs, sports dogs, service dogs for disabled veterans, bomb dogs and more. Our curriculum provides you with the ability to train dogs for police patrol functions, drug and explosives detection, trailing, obedience and agility. Over the past decade, we have worked with countless veterans who were looking to start a career as a professional dog trainer.  Whether you are looking to train service dogs to assist those with disabilities or police dogs to serve with law enforcement, we have a program designed for you!
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